risk profile

risk profile
The slope of a line graphed according to the value of an underlying asset on the x-axis and the value of a position exposed to risk in the underlying asset on the y-axis. Also used with changes in value. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See: payoff profile. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
+ risk profile
A mapping of the change in value or profits and losses to which an organization has exposure. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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risk profile risk profile profile1

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risk profile UK US noun [C] FINANCE
the amount of risk that is involved in an investment: »

Always check the risk profile of a fund.


Investors should choose the risk profile that's right for them.

an analysis of how safe a person or company is to lend money to: »

This bank has a higher risk profile than other banks so those lending it money may start to charge it more.


The mortgage he will be offered depends on his risk profile.

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